Nina Zinc Top Table



Each foraged item is unique due to the nature of reclaimed wood and vintage materials. Natural variations in the finish are normal and add to the charm of our found furniture. Wood may continue to dry over time. In certain climates with significant fluctuations in temperature and moisture, you may observe slight cracking in the wood as the seasons change.

To maintain, wipe the surfaces daily with a damp cloth, following the wood grain. Dry any remaining moisture immediately to prevent stains or rings. Please avoid leaving liquid on the table for an extended period. Only use water and a lint-free cloth for cleaning; household cleaners are not recommended. Always use a coaster!

For waxed finishes, particularly darker colors, minor rubbing off may occur. To restore the wood’s luster, apply a new coat of wax once or twice a year. Use a lint-free cloth to apply the wax, removing any excess.


Retro, modern, contemporary - you choose. A lamp always serves a purpose more than illumination, it too wants to make the room pretty. This one promises to do so. A sloping simple black metal neck and white shade makes for a perfect staple.

New in • Distressed • Solid Metal & Wood

Both artful and utilitarian, this table crosses the spectrum of function. From a minibar to a vanity, zinc is the new black. With its solid metal handle and distressed wood legs, please sit back and enjoy.

       • Zinc, Wood, Metal


       • 35 1/2" W x 30 1/2 H x 21 5/8" D



heirloom-quality, one of a kind, found, foraged

Thoughtfully foraged pieces graced with nature's abundance of elegant solid woods and wondrously perfect imperfections. Our carefully selected and curated products capture the beauty of timelessness and individuality.